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Links to sites that have made interesting modifications to Coppermine or sites that have given a different look to the script.

Accents poétiques Hits:380
Description:Coppermine Photo Gallery is included in the site with the same look & feel than the other pages.
Submitted On:2002-12-26

Alberto Rizzo Schettino photo gallery Hits:51
Description:Musician: keyboards player and pianist. My site hosts informations about me, my discography and my music style. I have a web log journal to keep my friends, fans and colleagues up to date with the latest news. I use the image gallery to hold pictures of my musical life and for miscellaneous shots taken with my new digital camera.
Submitted On:2003-03-24

Bluelens Auto-Photo Gallery Hits:95
Description:Website for displaying my, or anyone else's photography. I have changed the look of v 1.1 Beta 1 to match the rest of my site. On the far left side of the page I have a link for the main gallery and sub menus to take you to the specific categories.
Submitted On:2003-03-14

CFS Photo Gallery Hits:640
Description:Caergeiliog Foundation School has a commitment to 'Quality and Excellence in Education' and 'A Service of Care' and thus strives daily to ensure that each child entrusted to its care is given the highest possible standard of education and one that will facilitate the best possible start in life. I thouroughly enjoyed setting up the CPG script. I've seen so many photo/picture gallery but CPG exceeded all of my expectations! Thank you so much and all the best to the CPG team!
Submitted On:2002-12-12

Dj-original.com Hits:424
Description:Dj-original.com hot partypics!
Submitted On:2002-12-09

Ericksen.org Hits:37
Description:Family Webpage
Submitted On:2003-03-21

gaugau.de - regionale Nichtigkeiten Hits:65
Description:- moved navigation to the left (instead of top); - translated to German; - changed colors to match look of whole site; - added mySQL-fields for caption-text, description, author and persons depicted (eg http://gaugau.de/coppermine/thumbnails.php?album=1 ); todo: write conversion script for existing database (3000+ pics) to turn up in CPG
Submitted On:2003-02-26

General Discussion Hits:232
Description:The script was modified to match the look of the site.
Submitted On:2002-12-11

Headblast Hits:149
Description:yo, modified it to match the lok of the site.
Submitted On:2003-01-15

Killer Juggalo Nation Hits:146
Description:Customised version that i made for killerjuggalos.net
Submitted On:2002-12-24

Lefdals Rideskole Hits:0
Description:A photoalbum to a ridning school in Norway.
Submitted On:2003-04-05

Lucid Images Wildlife Photography  Hits:251
Description:Since this is a professional gallery, we've removed the ability to add photos or comments. We've aded the following fields to the Picture database: Image Number, Subject, Species, Location & Camera These fields appear under the photograph on the Display image page. This information can be entered whenever we add photos to the gallery. We've changed what's shown in the gallery statistics as well. The style sheet has been edited to better conform with the rest of the web site.
Submitted On:2002-12-26

Minor Mania Hits:501
Description:Styles.css and site_logo changed to keep the same look and feel as the main website.
Submitted On:2002-10-28

OZane Network - Gallery Hits:5
Description:Check out this customized version, a friend of mine, which helps me run the site, did all kinds of changes to this wonderful script, he implemented a db where users have to register to participate in the gallery, it also may and may not contain levels for users 1=normal user 2=moderator 3=full power (admin). So if ya guys want one of these, its Open Source, feel free to download your Coopermine Photo Gallery Script which rocks and then contact me...
Submitted On:2003-04-06

Ozmafans dot com Photo Gallery Hits:108
Description:Official fansite to the band Ozma, this photo gallery has both official photo sets as well as user uploaded sets. Much thanks to Coppermine!
Submitted On:2002-12-27

Planetmol.nl Hits:180
Description:Een enig sinds aangepaste versie van het script zodat het mooi in me webpagina staat. De lyout is dus get zelfde gemaakt.
Submitted On:2002-11-14

snagt Hits:96
Description:Pictures of bands, people and parties.
Submitted On:2003-01-04

studenthijinx.com Hits:173
Description:Uses a customised version of coppermine to fit into the general design of the site.
Submitted On:2002-12-01

The Loft's band website Hits:128
Description:I pulled in the ssi header / footer I'm using for the rest of the site to make it blend. I also disabled the upload / admin stuff from the pages that are linked. On the slideshow view, I modified it so that the caption is displayed below each photo. I also removed the stats from the "normal" view.
Submitted On:2003-01-04

University of Exeter Guild of Students Photos Hits:226
Description:35,000 picture views in 2 months and it works very nicely.
Submitted On:2002-12-02

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You are here: Main > Customised versions
Links to sites that have made interesting modifications to Coppermine or sites that have given a different look to the script.

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